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Staking NFTs

​Through the NFT staking pool, you will be able to stake your NFA NFTs to earn $NFA tokens. There is a minimum requirement of 5 NFTs. The NFT staking pool will be available on our official website.
NFT holders will be able to time lock their NFA NFT to breed the future collections we will create for the NFA community and to expand their NFA teams.
Breed to build your NFA team:
  • To breed an NFA, you must stake a minimum of 5 NFA NFTs.
  • To earn the new NFA to add to your team, stake them for one month.
  • It will only be possible to breed from NFA NFTs that have not been generated by breeding.
We will use a fully automated timer in the breeding process. If you unstake your NFA NFTs before the required time, the timer will stop and resume once they have been re-staked.