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What is NFA LoL?

In most cases, non-financial advice is bad, and people are starting to realize you're better off researching and using the right tools to find the real gems. Among those tools is the Community, a passionate network of people who can help each other and share their research methods.
The NFA movement began when we realized we could create a real community around the NFA cult using the metaverse to facilitate regular meetings between Crypto OG and NFA NFT holders and share research methods with them. Our non-financial advisors will have at their fingertips an island in the metaverse where they will be able to access the Club by holding the NFA NFT or playing various types of minigames by holding the NFA NFT/token and win weekly rewards.
We at NFA team believe that through metaverse and blockchain technology, we can develop a fun and engaging gaming experience on Rektland Island while building a transparent and thriving community.

The Long Term Vision consists of five pillars that we strive to achieve:

  • Stage 1: NFA Rektland - The creation of an immersive environment in which players can interact and shape each other's experiences;
  • Stage 2: NFA Club - The goal is to establish a club that facilitates regular meetings between Crypto OG and NFA NFTs holders, shares research methods, and provides other benefits.
  • Stage 3: Play-to-Earn economy - Through a sophisticated economy integrated into a funny shooting fighting game, players will be able to win tokens and NFA physical items. As part of our plans, we will also include a staking platform for holders of NFA's NFT and tokens.
  • Stage 4: Staking & Breeding - Holders can either stake their $NFA tokens to earn more tokens or breed new NFA NFT collections.
  • Stage 5: NFA Outlet Online Shop - With NFA token, you will be able to purchase customized NFA products designed by our art designers, and NFA NFT holders will receive discounts and exclusive collections.